Data Analytics & Market Research

In-depth research, data analytics and industry reporting to businesses and industry associations.

Enabling a better understanding of the market. Making better decisions. Improving performance.

Qualitative Research

Bring your stakeholders on the business customer journey through an independent voice.

Gain an in depth understanding of how your customers see you. Validate ideas and change perceptions of the customer experience.

Custom Data Analytics

Utilise data to improve sales, decisioning and operations with analytics, forecasting and machine learning.

Gain access to analytics experts where a full time data team is not possible or an independent view is required.

Industry Reporting

End to end data function for Industry Associations. Create value for members with Reports and Interactive Visuals using Member data.

Individualised reports for members, as an additional revenue source for the Association.

Data Visualisation

Customised interactive data analytics visualisations to tells stories about your customers and the market, in real time.

Automated, visual-driven, monthly reporting for stakeholders to see a snapshot of where the business is moving.

Independent Research And Analytics for Businesses

Independent Researcher

Independent research, with a specialisation in Qualitative Research, to make informed decisions on strategy:

1. In-Depth B2B Customer Research: Improve customer satisfaction and sales performance through actionable insights from detailed conversations.

2. Staff / BDM Research: independent and confidential feedback on improvements in operations, management performance and staff satisfaction

Outsourced Data Analyst

Expert data analytics functions to generate insights on customer and business performance data, where a full time data team is not possible or independence is required:

1. Solve problems and identify opportunities using data

2. Provide B2B customers with insights on their performance

3. Create Dashboards and Reports on internal and external data

Customer Advocate

An external, independent, customer advocate. The Voice of the Customer inside your business by:

1. Analysing internal customer data, including hardship & complaints data

2. Key Client Exit Interviews

3. Qualitative, in depth, Customer Research to track major issues and opportunities

4. Regular customer Metrics through Quantitative Research


In-Depth Interview Minutes


Clients & Members


Years in Business


Years Experience

The Data Specialist for Industry Associations

Member Reporting

1. Create and manage regular Industry / Sector Reports using Member data

2. Develop individualised reports for members, as an additional association revenue source

3. Create the Association’s Annual Review, including member input and data analysis

Data Analysis

1. Be the go-to for all data related projects and requests within your association

2. Compile and analyse external market and industry data for use within the Association

3. Produce reports and key statistics for the industry to use in their Advocacy & Representation work

Industry Research

1. Survey members on Association performance and key industry issues, for the benefit of both The Association and its Members.

2. Undertake industry research to create reports that can generate value for Members, revenue for Associations, and for thought leadership

Client Testimonial

Qi Insights has become our 'go-to' business partner for business performance and customer research projects - including sales targeting and industry analysis. I am happy to recommend Peter and the Qi Insights team for their expertise in business-to-business research and innovative thinking on developing a target Customer Experience.

Listed Finance Company

Head of Business Performance

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